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Timed artillery barrage on random town

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Hi all, I've been looking about at code to see how to create script to select a random town (based on markers), i came across some scripting that pretty much did what i wanted after setting up a trigger to run the script, except the AI would not actually select a random spot (town) and launch a few rounds but fire 1 round without doing the 'targetting'. Below is what i used

_targetArray = ["target_1", "target_2", "target_3", "target_4", "target_5", "target_6"]; //Cherno, Electro, Zelenogorsk, Berezino and Stary sobor
_artyGunsArray = [Arty1, Arty2, Arty3]; // B_MBT_01_mlrs_F x 3 at SW corner, NW corner and NE corner in editor

while {(damage Arty1 < 0.4) and ((damage (gunner Arty1) < 1) and (side (gunner Arty1) == west)) or 	(damage Arty2 < 0.4) and ((damage (gunner Arty2) < 1) and (side (gunner Arty2) == west)) or 	  (damage Arty3 < 0.4) and ((damage (gunner Arty3) < 1) and (side (gunner Arty3) == west))} do {

_shots = 0;
		if ((damage _x < 0.4) and ((damage (gunner _x) < 1) and (side (gunner _x) == west))) then {
			_gunner = gunner _x;
			_gunner lookAt [(getpos _gunner select 0), ((getpos _gunner select 1) + 50), 50];
			sleep 1;
			_x fire "rockets_230mm_GAT";
			_shots = _shots + 1;
			sleep 1;
	} forEach _artyGunsArray;

sleep 10;

_x = 0;
while {_x < _shots} do {
	_rndNum = round(random 5);
	_target = _targetArray select _rndNum;
	_explosion = createVehicle ["rockets_230mm_GAT", getMarkerPos _target, [0,0,+100], 0, "NONE"];             
	_x = _x + 1;
	sleep 1;

sleep 15;


How can i make the rounds appear above the designated 'area', send a warning out to players  saying something like

player sideChat "WARNING! one of the 5 main areas is under artillery barrage, Get Clear";

Also, is the below code right as into adding a 'zone' around the area?

_marker = createMarker ["artyzone", _target];

_marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";

_marker setMarkerSize [100,100];


Thanks to anyone whom can shed some advice into this.


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