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Exile 3DEN Plugin as Optional Mod


Hi folks. 

I've had an issue for ages on my server that I've kind of ignored because it's been simple enough for me to work around, but I'm confused as to why it might be happening so thought I'd ask the community in case anyone has seen something similar before. 

Basically, the Exile 3DEN plugin appears as an optional mod for the server. I have no idea why it appears, because (to my knowledge) I've never uploaded it to the server. The reason it bothers me is because if you do enable it, the server kicks you because there's no signature match (which makes sense because the plugin has no signature). Leaving it disabled allows you to join the server just fine. 

I've scoured my files to see if there's any trace of it and I can't find anything. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas where I should focus my attentions to get rid of this optional mod? 

Many thanks in advance.

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28 minutes ago, Beowulfv said:

Are you calling it in your mission.sqm?

Good idea - I'd not thought to check in mission.sqm, but no, sadly it's not being called there.

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