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Battleye Restriction 14

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#14 "H_PREP.sqf"
['\x\cba\addons\diagnostic\fnc_projectileTracking_drawProjectilePaths.sqf', 'cba_diagnostic_fnc_projectileTracking_d"

I'm going through restrictions at the moment. I've got through at least 100 so far and i've ran into 2 that gave me trouble. The other one was apparently because there was a \n in the line. I tried the fix for that on this one but it didn't work. When I import it using BEM there's a \n in the code line and I think that's the problem . Going into the script.txt file and removing it doesn't fix the issue either. I'm too sure what to try next. 


EDIT - Managed to fix the one above by using a different tool to add the exception. Currently using BEM to add it but I used a browser based one

However, currently stuck on one that want to work. It's in the scripts.txt in the right place but still getting kicked for it.

#0 "["\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_addEventHandler.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"CBA","Events","addEventHandler"]"


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