How to place USS carrier and destroyer on water

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I have tried to place the USS carrier and destroyer on water but every time i do it they rotate 90 degrees and sink to the bottom of the ocean =/ that happens every time I put them in the initserver.sqf the only way i have figured out how to get them to stay above water is by putting them in the mission.sqm and when I do that the ship looks like it is in pieces and you cant spawn aircrafts on them? So i need to figure out how to get both the carrier and destroyer on my map without them sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

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ya but when you do that it breaks the ships into pieces and shifts them, and then on top of that i have an aircraft trader on the carrier and i cant spawn aircrafts on the carrier because of "code 13" and I have the script that spawns it in a specific place and then when i spawn in aircrafts as the admin they spawn down on the water instead of the ship. Trust me I have tried that way and it still doesn't work

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