[Release] Death at Dawn Caves-Tanoa Edition

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I have been working on several projects for my servers and wanted to share my current one. I remember back in Arma 2 Epoch I played on a server (Chernarus) that had a full cave to the NE on the coast. I still remember sitting near my fire in my cave crafting away feeling safe. Nothing has fully satisfied my need to have caves in Arma 3 so i decided to make some.  There will be 11 caves in total.

The first locations are:
Pirates Retreat (North island chain), Georgetown Historical Cave, Surface Mine Historical Cave

    Next locations:                            
                        Yasa Island,
                        Small Southern Island, 
                        Ile Saint-George,
                        Northern rim of Mt. Tanoa,
                        Yani Islets

Here are a few images:



Pirate's retreat2.jpg

Pirate's retreat1.jpg

Pirate's retreat3.jpg

Pirate's retreat4.jpg

Pirate's retreat6.jpg




Georgetown cave4.jpg

Georgetown cave3.jpg

Georgetown cave2.jpg

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