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Error in expression Please help


Hi again please where is problem and please how to fix?Thanks


19:27:45 Error in expression <_%1",_clanID],[]];
if(isNull (_clanData select 5))then
_clanGroup = createGrou>
19:27:45   Error position: <select 5))then
_clanGroup = createGrou>
19:27:45   Error Zero divisor
19:27:45 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf, line 38

Line 38 :

	_clanData = missionnamespace getVariable [format ["ExileServer_clan_%1",_clanID],[]];
	if(isNull (_clanData select 5))then
		_clanGroup = createGroup independent;
		_clanData set [5,_clanGroup];
		_clanGroup setGroupIdGlobal [_clanData select 0];
		missionNameSpace setVariable [format ["ExileServer_clan_%1",_clanID],_clanData];
		_clanGroup = (_clanData select 5);
	[_player] joinSilent _clanGroup;


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