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Hunger and Thirst not saving


Hey, I seem to have an issue where hunger and thirst are not saving to the database at all, the database constantly is showing 100 for both, in game they will go down as usual but as soon as a player logs out and back in they are reset back to 100 in game?

I have quite a few overrides in place for several different scripts but am unsure what file it is exactly that would update the database for hunger and thirst? Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction please.

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Hey, im trying to fix my problem that i can't spawn after arma 3 update:

and i read something that may help you. Sorry if it isn't the case.

There are the file: ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf that spawns bambies (or it should lol)
I found those lines, that sets up player's variables:


_bambiPlayer setPosATL [_position select 0,_position select 1,0];
_bambiPlayer disableAI "FSM";
_bambiPlayer disableAI "MOVE";
_bambiPlayer disableAI "AUTOTARGET";
_bambiPlayer disableAI "TARGET";
_bambiPlayer disableAI "CHECKVISIBLE";
_bambiPlayer setDir _direction;
_bambiPlayer setName _name;
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileMoney", 0, true];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileScore", (_accountData select 0)];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileKills", (_accountData select 1)];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileDeaths", (_accountData select 2)];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileClanID", _clanID];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileClanData", _clanData];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileHunger", 100];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileThirst", 100];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileTemperature", 37];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileWetness", 0];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileAlcohol", 0];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileName", _name];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileOwnerUID", getPlayerUID _requestingPlayer];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileIsBambi", true];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline", false, true];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileLocker", (_accountData select 4), true];
_devFriendlyMode = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "ServerSettings" >> "devFriendyMode");
if (_devFriendlyMode isEqualTo 1) then
    _devs = getArray (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "ServerSettings" >> "devs");
        if ((getPlayerUID _requestingPlayer) isEqualTo (_x select 0))exitWith
            if((name _requestingPlayer) isEqualTo (_x select 1))then
                _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileMoney", 500000, true];
                _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileScore", 100000];
    forEach _devs;


As you can see, on those code it always set hunger and thirsty 100.

_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileHunger", 100];
_bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileThirst", 100];

I think is that because spawn babies maybe spawns died players? So them spawns with full hunger/thirsty...

But u can check for files to spawn players and find some way to pick those values from db.

Sorry i can't help u more... Good luck, bro!

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