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Per Bohemia:


Returns all mission objects (created by or during a mission) with given type (or its subtype). In some cases allMissionObjects could be substituted with entities, which would be much much faster alternative. Some of the unusual mission objects that can be detected with this command (as well as with nearestObject):

  • "#slop" - blood drop
  • "#mark" - unit footprints
  • "#track" - vehicle tracks
  • "#crater" - explosion crater on the ground
  • "#crateronvehicle" - bullet marks on vehicle
  • "#explosion" - an explosion
  • "#objectdestructed" - building, tree or bush destruction
  • "#soundonvehicle" - sound created with say3D for example
  • "#dynamicsound" - sound source created using createSoundSource


You tell us...  Vehicle tracks...sounds...bullet marks...etc...


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I am sure you're NOT talking about sounds and such.  The GENERAL RULE is this:

On ANY game, on ANY computer - The more items that are placed on a map, the slower it will run.  The computer MUST devote time (cpu cycles) to draw these items and if they 'move', then the computer must devote time (cpu cycles) to show them 'moving' on top of showing them.


For example, you may be able to run Exile with 100 AI, where I struggle to run the same mission on Exile with 50 AI.  EVERY OBJECT, and this includes AI, traders, 'eye candy', signs, wrecks, vehicles, smoke, fires. etc., ALL 'take away' from a server AND the client.

What is the 'right amount'?  There is no 'one answer' sadly.  What works for me, most likely will NOT work for you.  And what works for both of us may not for some client.

Sadly, it is all 'trial and error'.  There is no 'right answer'.  It is nothing more than a fancy and complicated 'balancing act' between items/missions being placed on the map.

Just remember this, while YOU may be able to run the mission, does not mean EVERYONE can run it!  Always keep that in mind.  You do not wish to create a mission loaded with so much stuff that only 3% of the people in the world can play it, this leaves the other 97% to play on some other server and not yours!


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