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I have some questions with the "Structures items spawn system" using: mission.sqm , init.sqf , initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf

please the ones you know exactly how each file works for spawns, define it if I'm wrong...

what I know It's usually like that:

mission.sqm = for mision markers , bambizones, traderzones and other custom scripts...

initServer.sqf = for item structures Spawn and other custom scripts...

initPlayerLocal.sqf = for NPCs, Traders, Guards and other custom scripts...

init.sqf = ??? its for create custom terrain just starting server? like USSfreedom(init.sqf) in this post:


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I find it hard to follow this question. If it is simply what each file does, it is available off the wiki. 
In exile "generally".
Init is used for any code on both client and server.
Initplayerlocal is used for traders and spawned locally
Initserver is used for objects and created once serverside and synced across the server. 
mission.sqm is a map creation and you can put any objects or map markers here, like trader markers if you like. (But again you could do it by script if you like in another file.)

None of this HAS to be done in these files. It can all be done in Init as it is run both on the server and client. Generally most code is also started with something like "if(isServer)" to make sure it is run on the correct machine too.

To understand this a bit better you should research client and server execution, ownership and how they are synced between the two.

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I tend to spawn items/structures and markers on the server side (in an a3_custom.pbo) , its more configurable and also protects some of my mapping from sticky fingers

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