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Show Stop Error: Players Cant Login

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I am trying to put up a new server. Which I thought everything looked good. Buty when players login they get stuck at the loading screen then after roughly 10 minutes it says connection lost in game.

I took a screenshot of my rpt log. My player name is [RD] Kflo. IT says I connected but I never make it in game. Do you guys see anything at all there that stands out as to why I cannot connect. I also took a screenshot of my file manager and another error at start.

I have this vision of the ideal server and so badly want to get this thing off the ground. Willing to pay someone to help figure out these issues if it comes to that. 








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@Kflo01 - You have already been told TWICE by other people that you do not have your server setup correctly because you do not listen.  You have also been pointed to a guide showing how to set up a v1.04 server by @Brenner.


Why don't you just FOLLOW DIRECTIONS from us AND the guide?  If you REFUSE to follow directions, why do you keep asking us for help?  This is your THIRD POST ABOUT THE SAME ISSUES!

I personally do not mind helping people.  When they REFUSE to LISTEN AND FOLLOW GIVEN SOUND ADVICE, I have a problem in helping them for it is a WASTE OF MY TIME AND OF OTHER PEOPLE'S TIME!


My last advice to you:


2 - Make 100% SURE that EVERY mod/addon/script works with the CURRENT VERSION of Exile/ARMA



I would also recommend you read and FOLLOW what I put in this post too:


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Ok so I looked at the PDF. It is geared toward if your install is on a Windows box. My server is being hosted my armahost. 

Steps 3 thur 8 do not apply to me. Sorry if I got you frustrated it was not my intent. 

I will blow everything away and start from scratch I could verfiy  Step 7 is configured correctly since I do have ccess to mysql thru the host.



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