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[Solved]Exad spawn distance HELP


Please how to change distance for deploy mozzie? thanks

// 2016 (c) 0x2AFF (exceptionptr)
// https://github.com/0x2aff/XM8CustomDeployBike

if (isServer) then
    "do_CreateAir" addPublicVariableEventHandler
        private ["_parameters","_position","_vehicleArray","_rVehIndex","_vehicle","_spawnDir","_veh"];
        _parameters = _this select 1;
        _position = _parameters select 1;
        _spawnDir = (_parameters select 2) - 90; //not sure what the point is of turning it sideways is, take out - 90 if you don't want it
        _vehicleArray = ["C_Mozzie"];
        _rVehIndex = floor (random (count _vehicleArray));
        _vehicle = _vehicleArray select _rVehIndex;
        _veh = createVehicle[_vehicle, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
        _veh setposATL _position;
        _veh setDir _spawnDir;


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6 hours ago, Beowulfv said:


createVehicle[_vehicle, [0,0,0]

the corresponding 0s should be X,Y,Z settings.

Thanks but not work... maybe somewhere in exad...

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