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Exile Chernarus Linux Error Missing Addons


Hello Fellows,

since this is my first try to set up an Linux Exile server i come across one major problem,

everytime i try to start my server


./arma3server -config=config.cfg -name=Exile -enableHT -loadMissionToMemory -mod=@exile\;@cba\;@cup_terrains_core\;@cup_terrains_maps -servermod=@exileserver -autoinit > stdout.log 2> stderr.log


it trows out this Error

20:13:58 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.cup_chernarus_config, CUP_Core
20:13:58 Missing addons detected:
20:13:58   cup_chernarus_config
20:13:58   CUP_Core


to seen in the logs ill post on pastebin

https://pastebin.com/e1FtS8ew (stderr)

https://pastebin.com/rRbswyc0 (stdout)



im sorry for my very bad English im not a native English speaker.




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Hello @Rickeet,

This error or any like this mean one thing ONLY:

The map was created using mods that you are NOT using.


For example, you modified this map with CUP and RHS mods being loaded and you did NOT place ANY of these units down.  The mission.sqm WILL reference these mods in the file.

So when you save the mission and start a 'plain' ARMA server, you WILL get those messages.

To fix it can be a PAIN.

You need to remove EVERYTHING in the mission.sqm that points to CUP stuff (in your case).  This will also mean RENUMBERING the item list too.  If you have a 100 things and the CUP item is #23, ALL items from #23 -> 100 WILL have to be remembered and the 'item count' changed.

You makes these changes/deletions via something like NotePad++.

Of course, you can take the 'easy route' and put in the missing CUP 'thing' (units, weapons. etc.).  ;)

You must ALWAYS edit your map with the mods you plan to use!  ALWAYS!  Or this WILL happen again!


Do note - This has NOTHING to do with Exile or MP.  I have this issue at times with SP and a mod being changed (name) or I do not use the 'xyz' mod anymore.  You would think in all these YEARS, Bohemia would have fixed this...you know like just giving you an error message when the editor/map is loaded and removing those items from the mission upon saving...nope...  :(


Good luck!



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