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Hello Everybody!

How many times have you joined a server only to see that in about 1 minute the server is going to reboot?  All that time loading in just to be booted in one minute?  That stinks!  Now you and your players can KNOW when your server is going to reboot!  No more guessing!  Provide the highest level of customer service possible by letting them know when your server is about to reboot WITHOUT joining!  A happy player is a RETURNING PLAYER!

Yes, there are other 'versions' out there.  But mine was first!  Almost 3 years ago I started this program.  No HTML, no Java, no PHP, just SIMPLE questions that ANYBODY can answer to get the program to work!  No web page programming or language is required!  Not only is mine the EASIEST to use, it is also the MOST ACCURATE TO THE SECOND!  Try to get that from the others!  ;)

Included in the package are two batch files that show what you need to know to add the code to your ARMA startup file.  This program will work with ANY ARMA server, not just Exile.

The 'Count Down' HTML page, which is created by the program,  can be copied to another server if so desired and 7 variables can be used on your web page.  Don’t know how to create/modify a web page?  No big deal!  I have provided a 'simple template' in which you can use!  You can not get much easier that this!

The 'Server CountDown' program takes the data you have entered and saved, replacing the 7 variables in your template, creating a custom web page which can be viewed with any standard web browsers and it is automatically updated at the time you have specified.  Want to update it every 5 minutes?  NO PROBLEM!  Want to update every second?  NO PROBLEM!


You MUST have access to your server so that you can install EXE's and modify/create batch files.

This is a combination of batch file(s) and a Windows program.  Both can run on any version of Windows from Win95 -> Win10.  The batch file(s) are < 1k and the EXE is 68kb.  The batch files are ONLY there so you can copy/see what is required to implement it via your ARMA startup file.  The EXE is the only ‘required’ file to actually work.

The batch file(s) and Windows program have been in use for 2+ years with no issues.


Also, in the ‘READ ME’, is a link to YouTube showing you how to use these as well as in the program under the ‘Help’ menu.

If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at:  PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know!



DropBox Link


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