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hi can someone help me I am trying to set up a few servers but have the db  on another computer within the network.

I set the extdb  config with my username and password and the ip of the db  computer but I keep getting an error  as shown in the pic. 

I have tryed the internal ip  and external ip  but still can't find it 

do i need to port forward 3306 or something 



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Hello @alycee1993,

Well...I can see one MAJOR thing you have done wrong - Did you READ the DB log file or even post it here?  Well, we know that you did not post I doubt you even read it for THERE WITHIN LIES YOUR ANSWER!

Follow directions -> It states to read the DB log file.


It also looks like you're trying to run some program called '%1' (which is a MS-DOS variable).  The setup is TOTALLY MESSED UP!

You want us to look at a screenshot of it saying 'I do not work' errors and we will 'magically' know what is going on?  Are you serious?  Really?

No batch files...NO NOTHING.


And let me tell you - If it works on one machine, you CAN put it on a second and JUST CHANGE THE IP ADDRESS AND IT WILL WORK!

-->  THE END  <--


BUT, if you install MySQL INCORRECTLY on the second machine as an example, guess what?  IT WILL NOT WORK!


To be honest with you, there are MANY guides on how to setup a server which it appears you have not read/followed. 

For example:

Why don't you start THERE and FOLLOW the setup guide - You will be SURPRISED!  IT WILL WORK!  And you will be able to put the DB on some other PC and JUST CHANGE THE IP ADDRESS ONLY AND IT WILL WORK!


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i have set up about 9 servers I know how to do it there is no logs for db  because it's not even  loading it up. if I change the extdb.cfc to the local it dose the same this is  a fresh download of exile and running on a fresh install of Windows my bet is it's to do with .dll  files  if there was logs I would have posted them also I am using tdast to launch the server until it's finished 


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just easy for adding mods and testing them out  I have armaremoteadmin  it's good but pain in the arse stopping and starting 


also no screen shot because  that's the only thing to show I can up load my extdb.cfc but that's not the problem 


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Logs can be produced by Exile AND MySQL.


See?  These are from MySQL server.  Granted, I was talking about Exile, you NEVER DID!


And it matters not if you have set up 1 or 100, if things are SET UP CORRECTLY, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CHANGE THE IP ADDRESS!

This is a FACT.

Since you can not 'just change the ip', it indicates that you have left something out and/or mis-configured some item.


Did you TELL US that no logs were produced by Exile?  NO!

Did you explain why we see the error "%1 is not a valid Win32 application' error message?  NO!

Did you explain why we are see this '%1' anyway?  NO!

Did you ever state if you could connect to the DB with something like MyWorkBench?  NO!

Did you ever state if you could ping the DB server?  NO!


That would be the VERY FIRST THING TO DO!  Test a connection with MyWorkbench after pinging the DB server!  It would appear your 'knowledge' is on the 'lacking side' as testing with 'MyWorkBench' would be part of any proper diagnosing techniques.  Also leaving out IMPORTANT info also denotes your 'skill' at this too.

And your 'bragging' about setting up all those servers?  BIG DEAL!  If you knew as much as you're trying to brag about, why are you here then?  And while I am on that, I could care less about your '9 servers'.  So what?  That does NOT mean all 9 were set up CORRECTLY!  It COULD mean you screwed up 9 times...we do not know and I know I could care less as it has ZERO BEARINGS on this matter.  I look at this way, I set up ONE Exile server with a remote DB and have ZERO ISSUES.  Hmmm...sadly you can NOT say this!  So, your '9 servers' in the end and in the WHOLE SCHEME OF THINGS, means NOTHING!  So why are you telling us then?  We did not ask!  And while I can not speak for others, I can for myself and I could care less how many you set up for it means and proves NOTHING!



I stand by my original post.

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 @alycee1993 -

So it is 100% CLEAR.  I am not 'upset' with what you said nor was I trying to be rude to you.  Rather to I would SPEAK THE TRUTH to you.

In all of your 'rambling' at how much an expert you are, you failed to notice 2 IMPORTANT things that I stated in my FIRST POST:

"...It also looks like you're trying to run some program called '%1' (which is a MS-DOS variable)..."

Those two lines you showed; the win32 error and the "%1" error most likely POINT TO THE PROBLEM!

These 2 lines should NEVER SHOW!  But they DID!  And this is a MAJOR PROBLEM!

And I think you also missed that I KNEW EXACTLY what the '%1' was!  It is a 'command' used for variables in MS-DOS batch files!  So, I must know SOMETHING!


Instead of looking at that and APOLOGIZING for not be CLEAR AND CONCISE in  your post as to what you EXACTLY did as well as EXACTLY what data you did have, you posted a crappy picture of a monitor that you could not take HEAD-ON!  No, you have to take it at an angle making it hard to read!  Let's not forget that you could not even do a 'cut-n-paste' and present that instead!


I will not 'brag' on my skills except to say most likely, I have been doing this type of stuff for a CAREER longer than you have been on this Earth!


And to pass a little WISDOM to a younger and most likely less experienced person from an OLDER AND MORE EXPERIENCED person:

You learn when your MOUTH IS SHUT and YOUR EARS ARE OPEN! 

Arguing is NOT listening nor is it learning!

You can not LISTEN when your MOUTH is making noise!

Listening = Learning



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