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I am trying to set up a server using both ExileZ and FuMS (zombie mission only).

They are working fine together but the only issue is the zombies from FuMS are killing the zombies from ExileZ.

By default they FuMS are WEST and ExileZ are EAST but even if I set them both to either EAST or WEST FuMS still kill ExileZ zombies.

Anyone got any idea why this may be?

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The 'side' thing has been the ONLY thing I have ever seen to cause this.  WEST will NOT attack WEST.  This means, that are STILL ON DIFFERENT SIDES!

Examine your code, for you have this 'somewhere'.  I despise 'zombies' thus I do not use them.  BUT, I have seen this question before it is ALWAYS the same answer:  All on the same side.

Think about it, if you played the ARMA campaign, did your teammates attack you? NO!  Nor will they either.  This is the DEFAULT behavior of the GAME ENGINE.

The problem is that the sides are not correct.

I am 99.99% sure of this.  I just can not tell you where to look for such.  You are/were on the 'correct path' though...

Good luck!


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I have searched through both ExileZ and FuMS to make sure that everything is set on the same size, west, yet FuMS zombies still kill ExileZ zombies.

Is there any way to tell while in the game what side a unit (zombie) is as something is not setting the correct unit side.

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