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Papo Neltelo

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I Tried to log in into the server but after I joined it says that there are no bad scripts and then it takes me to the server list main menu. Any idea on how to fix?
 8:58:39 "< FNC_AH_KICKLOGSPAWN> Papo Neltelo(76561198017217277) Token yqulf67duoua77 - objByNetID R Alpha 1-1:1 (Papo Neltelo) REMOTE"
 8:58:39 "<>SL| 0h 39min 15s | Papo Neltelo(76561198017217277) | Player is BADTYPE (invisible hack?): Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer - 0.844971 false false (KICKED TO LOBBY)"
 8:58:39 "<>KickLog| Papo Neltelo(76561198017217277)"
 8:58:39 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick Papo Neltelo' by server.


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