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Trying to figure out how to utilize NVG's within the RAD zones on Exile. Exile_headgear_Gasmask is currently slotted in the NVG array of the assigneditems list. So there is no night time operations in the RAD zones. Is there a way to slot this to the goggles?  Or even better allow us to utilize the KA_MCP (from the KA Weapons pack) with the Arma3 NVG's? 

I tried the CFGExileCustomcode.sqf

ExileClient_object_player_stats_update = "Exile_Server_Overrides\ExileClient_object_player_stats_update.sqf";
ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update = "Exile_Server_Overrides\ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf";
and adjusted the section of utilizing the Exile_Headgear_Gasmask to 
if ("KA_MCU" in (assignedItems player)) then
That does not work. 
even tried the 
if ("KA_MCU" in (goggles player)) then
But that kills the whole script it seems.
KA_MCU normally gets slotted to the goggles array, but it seems that the Assigneditems array only looks at map, compass, watch, radio, GPS, NVG, Binos
Any other ideas? 

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Hello @Falcon911,


Based on what I know, and you alluded to it, you will have to modify either the mask or the goggles.  If it was ME, I would modify the mask as it is like a variable.  Is it set?  Yes or no.  No?  Take damage  Yes?  Do nothing.  NVG's on the other hand are much more complex AND you would have to account for EVERY nvg.  There is only one mask...

I would look at checking as if the have the mask ON THEM, instead in the slot.  This would then free up that slot for the NVG.  And I would suspect this check would be where damage comes in from no mask.

Good luck!


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That's where the damage come 

  if !("KA_MCU" in (goggles player)) then
                player setDamage ((damage player) + _damage);

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Well without going into detail and correctly writing it (I'll leave that to YOU), you could have in that line:

If (mask in vest = false) or (mask in backpack = false) then player setDamage ((damage player) + _damage);

That 'logic' WILL work.  Now, the question becomes, it is the BEST?  THAT, I can not answer.  My method WOULD work though.

But, it would require you to re-write that entire function as that one line is but ONE PART of that whole section.


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No I agree....It would take a full re-write. To be honest, I thought it was just a certain call I was missing.  Thanks though. I guessing when BI changed the function of how Assigneditems worked in the array it sort of screwed with the Exile's Dev's idea for RAD zones. I'll leave my post in the Client issues for now, hope that maybe someday there is a client side fix. 

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