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i cant get in to server


I cant get in the server....i only get this Message??  the instruction at 0x411f18f9 references memory at 0xa787c000. the memory could not be read …. anybody now what to do?? its only me who got the problem

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I would talk to the server admins and verify what MODS they are running. I have had memory crashes entering servers when I didn't have the correct mods loaded or the incorrect versions. If it's not mod related generally you can close Arma, re-open it and get right in. Sometimes Arma just crashes.

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Hello @zkinny,

What @manOwar_AFD stated may be true for him, the vast majority of people will say otherwise.  Sadly, this is known issue with ARMA and there is no 'one fix'.  See HERE.  There are literally THOUSANDS of reasons why it happens.  Bad system boards, bad RAM, bad video board, bad HDD, virus, corrupt OS, corrupt ARMA, etc.

There is NO one solution either.

So you know, if you join a server with out-dated or incorrect mods, you WILL BE KICKED AND AN ERROR MESSAGE GIVEN TO YOU.  3 images below show what really happens:







What you see above is what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.  See HERE for many more examples of what happens.


As there is no 'clear solution', you have to try MANY things.  I would use the above supplied link to 'run it down'.  Do note, incorrect settings in ARMA can also cause this issue.


And what this error actually is, some program was told to access some area of memory that does not exist.  Such as the post office delivering mail to a non-existent house.  Is the address correct?  Did the sender address it properly?  Is the mail carrier on the right street?  And MANY other options.


Only thing I can recommend is to do the following:

Ensure your video drivers are UP-TO-DATE

Ensure your OS is UP-TO-DATE

Ensure you do not have a virus or malware

Ensure you can even run ARMA (specs)

Ensure you're using a LEGIT copy of ARMA  (pirated copies are known to do such things - no, I did not say you had a pirated copy)


Re-install ARMA


I wish I had better news for you.  I also had this issue too.  About 1 time out of 15, I would get it as well.  NOTHING I could do except start ARMA again.  And by the way, this was ALWAYS connecting to the SAME SERVER USING THE SAME MODS.  ZERO CHANGES ON MY SIDE OR THE SERVER'S SIDE - PURELY RANDOM CRASHES!

Bohemia acknowledged this problem and did address it for many as I do not have it anymore.



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