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Justin Waters

[RELEASE] Multiple Map Support

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Multiple Map Support

Github Link:

This is my first public contribution to the exile community...Enjoy.


  • Player Account and Clan information is persistent across all maps
  • player, vehicle, territories, construction, containers, and clan markers are unique to each map and are kept even when changing maps.

Transitioning between maps is as simple as changing the map in your server.cfg file and restarting your server. You may simplify this step if you have multiple profiles in your server and just switch the profile. This can create a nice automated daily/weekly rotation between maps.

I recommend increasing the time to pay for your territory or ransoms to 30 days to prevent loss.

Potential Additional Features: (depending on demand)

  • Expiration timers are extended for time that the server is not active on a specific world map.
  • Allow players to ship items between maps. (Creates an inbox with an expiration to receive the items.)
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Sounds pretty kool....I had thought about such as well over the years.  While I would enjoy a new map every cycle, I always questioned if OTHERS would.

Oh well....

Thanks for the means to do such though!


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Yeah, this is a pretty cool script. Not useful for myself personally at this time but I can see how this would be great for some larger communities!

Nice work :) 

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