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question about crate change in DMS


im running DMS on my server and all is good except one thing.
On the mission SALTFLATS there s a grey crate wich cant be sold.
im running a mod when u drop a crate next to waste on trader  it wil sel the crate and automaticly send money on the player.
this doesnt work for the grey crate.
is it possible to switch the grey crate (i think its cup) into the normal crate with the same inventory ??
anyone idea s ?
I cant find the file where its summons the inventory either.
they grey one is called...


_crateClassname = "I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F";


cheers and thanks for the people who want to help.

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Hello @basics

IF that is the classname it WILL be in the scripts!  ARAM does not have a 'brain'.  It is doing what it is TOLD TO DO.  As such, it IS in the files.  I suggest you use a program such as 'Text Crawler' to search thru ALL files.  If it is NOT there, then this is the WRONG CLASSNAME.

Also, I know with Exile v1.03, you could NOT sell crates at the waste dump, it is a 3rd party script which I have used for many versions and am using now on 2 other servers with v1.04.  In THIS script, you can add what crates are 'processed' by waste dump 'operator'.

So, you have TWO areas in which to look into.  I would simply add it to the crate selling script and any OTHER crates for future uses.


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