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Almyra Base Doors Can't Be Opened


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Are you SURE that the 'map' is the issue?  There are ZERO people reporting this.  Here, on Steam, or anywhere on Google.

Not saying that you're wrong...or right...rather, posing the question:  Do you KNOW.

For example, maybe you did not follow directions...it IS old...nothing on Steam states it is for Exile...how is it to be installed...how are YOU installing it...for ME...TOO MANY QUESTIONS AND TOO FEW ANSWERS!

As far as what the OP stated?  Did you GOOGLE THIS???  You answer awaits you there...  Search:  arma 3 enablesimulation


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I already googled : arma 3 enablesimulation :-) 
But i don't need to know how to activate simulation on buildings i want to add. 

The exileserver has a saltlake base by default. Just in this base you can not open doors! 
Loot and AI do spawn inside these buildings... 

The thing i need to know is where I can locate this buildings and change them to simulated. 
I already get the name of these buildings via Infistar but could not find them in my serverfiles. 

Therefore I need help. If you tell we what you need from me like files or what ever, I will post them, here shortly.

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