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Hey all!!

I am a somewhat seasoned ArmA 3 player looking to start anew on any Exile map. Have tons of mods if the server requests. Just looking to have some fun, blow some stuff up and have a little fun with a friend or friends! I am in Texas, 35 years old and don't have the time or patience for anyone under 21. International players welcome of course! Just looking for a partner in crime!! I have TS and Discord and a very fast internet connection. Let's do this!

Steam name- DrVenturePwnz

or just hit me up on here!

EDIT- I am mainly looking to join a strictly PVE server. So if you want in on that PvP action, im out. Thanks!

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If your looking for a new map and Pve you might want to take a look at my server. Is just up and running and few handful of guys all adults play on it. Been up less than 2 weeks.

Look for Red Dragon Gaming Altis in A3 Launcher

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