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hello everyone, please fall if I'm not on the right topic.

here is my request, is it someone managed to run the script that is in infistar "EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG" class infiSTAR_handleDamage, because on my server it does not work,

here is my setting in the server but doesn't to work:

class infiSTAR_handleDamage {
		This whole handleDamage does not effect admins!
	enable = "true";

		PvP_ReflectDamage option should reflect damage from player vs player (the player still takes damage)
	PvP_ReflectDamage = "false";

		PvP_BlockDamage option should block damage from player vs player
	PvP_BlockDamage = "true";

		PvP_useZones will load PvP_ReflectDamage and PvP_BlockDamage only if people are not within a range of the given xyz coordinates!
	PvP_useZones = "true";
	zones[] = {
thank you for helping me
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