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Hi there.....

I am looking for people who like to join a community that i just started...
The reason i am looking and posting a topic here is that people i know don's share the same love for Arma 3.

I wanna see something i can setup with others to success and make a server other players as team can enjoy.
I have setup the voice communication as the website.... all just need to be modified to my needs and all help is welcome.
The project name is: Game Fail (game.fail)

So i am looking for new members you can fill in i think what a new community needs and wants.......
Do you see yourself as some one who wanna join a new project and see how far we can get with it...


PM me or reply here :)


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I'm interested in getting together and starting something  ,pm me or just join 

TRG} Community Server|High Loot|Fully Militarize|Revive
Connection Info:

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