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I hope this is the correct place for this now. I was wary to post this since people seem to get chewed out on this forum from more experienced members for asking "basic" questions or not being able to figure out things for themselves. Anyhow I will still make a go of it. I was talking to a member of my server and he had ideas for different scripts to be created or added if they were out there already. Below are his suggestions. Do you guys know if there is anything like the below available or how hard it would be to create from the ground up.


1) Reward System for amount of time played on a server. How this would work is after hitting X number of hours X amount of pop tabs would be added to the players person or bank. This could be customized as needed for the amount of time needed and amount of pop tabs given. Would be extra encouragement for players to come to play and stay on a server. I think this be abused if players just login and sit in their bases AFK. But on the surface seems like a cool idea. Just a thought.

2) Trader Discount System: Every restart a different item across all the traders is discounted for that restart only from 10% to 50% randomly. The discount is random and the item is random. Could be Red bull one restart and a UAZ the next. The discounted item would be highlighted in green.

3) Weather Voting System:  Just like Vote Day or Night. You can Vote Sunny, Raining or Fog

Thanks in advance for reading this.


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All of these are possible. There is already loadouts based on respect levels, and there is also prisoner wages where depending on how much respect you have you get paid X amount of pop tabs every X minutes. You can setup a call to the database for time spent on the server and swap it for respect. I haven't seen any random discounts for trader items, but you could setup a script to choose one at random every restart. And lastly, You can look at the day night vote system, find the commands for toggling rain on and off, as well as all the other weather elements and build your on vote system for each weather element.

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