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AeoG is searching for new StaffMember

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Hello Exile Community

AeoniumGaming is a new upcoming exile Server hosting team wich work alot with the community together to have the best experience for you!

We started with Chernarus Redux and a small Number of players but in just 3 month we grow up to the top 8 most visited Exile Servers worldwide and the 2nd best Chernarus Redux Server.

And now we wanna improve the whole Exile feeling for you with ideas and new ways to survive on our new Chernarus 2035 Server!


We are known for having a team of always fair admins!

Now we want to upgrade our team with new help.


Discord Member 1400+

Server Joins per Day ~ 700

we are just looking for people who have more than 500h Arma and are not new to the area Exile!


What we are looking for:


the tasks of a supporter include discord and server support - active player support with Bugs & problems with other Players - observe the rule compliance 


the tasks of a developer include just SQF Support (no player support needed) - Although we already have good developers  we still want to top up in this area with experienced people


if possible German is the preferred language! but English is also an alternative.

if you have questions you can contact us.

Greetings Aeonium Gaming Team

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