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(solved) Player force-disconnected on join



I have a player attempting to join my server who is being force disconnected every time he tries to spawn. Basically, he gets through the loading screens, see a ariel view of the island and then is forced to the main menu. 

I deleted him from the database, which I thought might fix the issue, but while he did repop in the db when connecting, the issue persisted. I am able to connect with no issue, so Im suspecting its an issue on his side. This has happened to me previously, and I've never found a concrete way to fix it, its always kind of cleared up on its own. 

He did connect to a different Exile server with no issue. 

Here are some relevant section of the rpt. I know where it says player_database_update.sqf:0:0:ABORT , the abort should be his UID


 9:53:52 "ExileServer - Player Mason Douglas (UID 76561198069748167) connected!"

 9:53:53 "ExileZ Mod: Monitored Zombies	|	0	"

 9:54:08 "ExileZ Mod: Spawning 1 Zombie	and adding it to the Monitor"

 9:54:09 Client: Remote object 4:0 not found

 9:54:09 "[DirtysDEBUG] -player_database_update.sqf updateInfection:0:0:ABORT"

 9:54:09 "TCAGame/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : bf0aedf0# 1816246: invisibleman.p3d"

 9:54:10 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:2844 not found

 Looks like we got this solved. Was an issue on his end (which I figured it would be) with two versions of exile loading at once 
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too funny....

One thing that strikes me strange though, if this was the TRUE reason, he would have been kicked from EVERY server...yet, you said, he said that he was able to join some other server...I smell a 'rat'...and I think it was him...NOT you...HIM.  ;)

ALWAYS VERIFY - NEVER TRUST ANYONE!  The older you get, the more you will see this to be true.  Not saying someone will directly lie to you, though they are those who will...rather, people make mistakes and THINK this or that instead of KNOWING.


Thinking <= 99.99% knowledge

Knowing = 100% knowledge

And that .01% can make ALL the difference in the world...such as in your case...

Glad you/yall got it worked out in the end!


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You're 100% right in thinking that way, I fully support it and thanks for replying! The player in question is a close, personal friend, so I don't think he was intentionally dishonest, but he dang sure might have been wrong lol. I don't know if maybe, since each server will tell you what mods it wants and doesn't and you can allow the arma 3 launcher to allow/deactivate mods, that maybe the server he tried turned off the second exile version, whereas mine allows any mod, so it may not have done that. You know, I just don't know lol

Its arma, half the time, no one knows whats going on anyway, right? lol

Thanks again, though, thats generally good advice! 

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Hello @Transnapastain,

Thank you for your comment(s)!  :)

On a MUCH MORE SERIOUS note, I would 're-think' allowing ANY mod as there are a few which can allow cheating on your server or do things such as permitting access to the console.  Or worse yet, things as making them invisible because they have on an uniform that no other player has as this is allowed, meaning they could kill with no one being the wiser.

It also causes the problems he had on your server.

If you're not sure how to 'permit' only certain mods, just put the 'key' (as an example 'exile.bikey') in the server's 'key' folder of the mod you said is 'ok' to be used on your server.  Then you 'turn on' signature checks' in your config file.  THAT IS IT!  :)

This will ONLY allow people who have those mods which keys you put into your server key folder.  This will ALSO ENSURE that they have the CORRECT VERSION too.


Three things will be accomplished:

#1 - Cheating will basically be stopped (via using mods)

#2 - Only the mods AUTHORIZED BY YOU, will be allowed to be used on the server

#3 - FORCES everybody to have the SAME VERSION of any mod in use (this is what happened to your friend)


You REALLY need to do this.  Yes, having everything 'open' sounds easy and nice...till someone trashes your server or runs off your players due to massive cheating.  And InfiSTAR will not catch most of this as you have ALLOWED AND PERMITTED IT!

NOTHING GOOD will come from 'leaving everything open'.

Also, some mods are REQUIRED to be run on the server ONLY...others are ONLY to be run on the client...and others are to be run on BOTH THE SERVER AND THE CLIENT!  By doing what you're doing, it makes for a BIG MESS in the works!  ;)


Even if this is a private server, I STILL would have it 'locked down'.  For example, a made-up mod called 'Guns.PBO', v1.00, and it has 2 weapons in it.  You use it.  Then, here I come with the SAME mod BUT, v2.00.  I have FIVE weapons!  You will NOT see them OR HEAR THEM (gun 3, 4, and 5) as YOU do not have those files within YOUR version of the mod.  I do, you do NOT!  All you know is BAM!  You are DEAD!  The same goes for vehicles too.  I could drive right up to you and roll right over you because YOU do not have the SAME VERSION of the mod as I do.  So, you do NOT have the sound files nor the model files.  All you know is you were just standing still looking at the pretty butterflies then you're turned into a pancake!  Roadkill!  ;)


In order for everything to 'work' PROPERLY, ALL players must have the EXACT SAME MODS!  This is NOT AN OPTION!  I could use a jet mod and like the vehicle mod example above, you would not hear nor see me whatsoever as you do not have those files that would allow you to 'see/hear' it/me.  All you know is you're just dead.


None of the above makes for a fun time...especially if you're on the 'receiving end' of it...  ;)


Just ponder on these things and if you have any questions on how to set this up, just either search or ask away!


And again, thank you for your comment(s)! 


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So, the problem is that everything I try to make the server require the loaded mods and disallow everything else breaks the server. Every approach I've tried has resulted in an issue where the list of allowed mods is IDENTICAL to the list of required mods. 

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Then you're doing something REAL wrong.  ;)

When you load the server with mods, these are REQUIRED.

But, when you JUST PUT THE KEY IN, those are OPTIONAL.

AND you MUST have signature checks enabled (set to '1').

(verifySignatures = 1;)


Here is mine:

// Core Files

//  Required By Server For Client Use

// Required Player Mods


HOWEVER, if you look at the key files, you will see MANY that are NOT listed above.



Notice, in my REQUIRED list, you do NOT see the 'JSRS' sound mod.  It is an OPTION.  If the client has it, no problem!  The client does not have it?  No problem!  The same for the Kimi helicopter HUDs or the 'Mr. Sanchez' Headlight mod.  ALL optional. 

The 'rule' I go by is, if it is COSMETIC, such as the sound or heli HUD mod, then it is OPTIONAL.  BUT for weapons, vehicles, etc., those are REQUIRED.  For these are NEEDED BY EVERYONE.


BUT, the player MUST have CUP mods as shown at the top of this post as well as CBA.  These are REQUIRED.



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