FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

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@Horbin was generous enough to allow me to continue the development of the Fulcrum Mission System (FuMS) and we have just pushed the updated version of FuMS to his GitHub site, which is here:


RELEASE DATE: 04/20/19

NOTE: I recommend you reinstall the system, then add your custom content.  If you want to submit content please do and I’ll add to base system.

IMPORTANT!!!: I didn't fine tune the loot (YET).  You should go through the loot tables and make your own custom loot.  I have included examples and comments in the file LOOTDATA.SQF in the Theme directories to show you how.    They are VERY generic.  If the author had provided custom loot files, I tried to incorporate those as well.  Don't be surprised if a difficult mission has crappy loot, it's not the authors fault. 

I will fix this is the next release.  I just wanted to get the update out ASAP, but I am updating all loot tables now


You can read more about this awesome mission system here in the main thread.  


And here is some info about what makes this such a cool mission system


Mission Types:

  • Aquatic - Spawns underwater missions with frogmen guards
  • Captive - Civilians have been captured and held in a building, you need to kill the guards, load the captives into a truck, and evacuate the area
  • Convoy - A group of vehicles will patrol between cities.  Kill them and take their vehicles
  • HeloPatrols - Two gunships can be seen escorting a heavy transport.  Good chance to use up some AA rockets
  • Jurassic (NOT WORKING YET) - Spawns random groups of raptors if you have the raptors plug in
  • PlayerWatch - This system spawns missions around the players based on their context (Chase cars/helis if your in a car/heli, frogmen appear if you're in the water, helis drop off infantry if you're around someone else's base, or random patrols or gunfights between EAST/WEST around you)
  • Roadblocks - Static spawned roadblocks that are map specific, as well as a hidden base that spawns randomly and is heavily defended.
  • Town Raids - A group of infantry roll in with vehicles and take over a town.  Take it back.  Take too long, and they'll call for evac vehicles
  • Small Infantry Group missions like Sniper camps, roving gangs and posses, and other hostile patrols 
  • Assortment of smaller missions like Bandit Camps, Helo/Plane/Van crash sites, and even a nuclear device that terrorists are trying to blow
  • Zombies (NOT TESTED FULLY) - Activates zombies around you, around your bases, or really wherever you want if you have the Zombie add on


Mission System Features

  • Custom AI logic that allow mission creators to implement various patrol patterns and surprises (box patrol, tower guards, building patrols, etc)
  • Multiple triggers that can spawn child missions, trigger off of body count, or low unit count, and several others using both AND and OR operators
  • Admin menu system that allows you to dynamically spawn all missions in game centered on the admin or another player
  • AI is constantly moving, not just sitting in one spot, unless you want them to (guards for example)
  • System can be reconfigured to your server using the global variables (specify your loot, weapons, vehicles, etc.)
  • Requires a headless client to be configured to offload AI from server
  • Can work with multiple headless clients and either spawn on all or spawn on specific clients


So far, the following issues have been resolved:

1. Exile Toast notifications and SystemChat messages have been added to address the issue of Global Hints being blocked

2. AI aggression has been updated to correct issues that occurred after the last major update to Arma

3. Poptabs have been added to soldiers and loot chests

4. Minor tweaks and corrections


While this is great progress, there is more work to do to repair some of the base functions.  Additionally, i would like to expand the system and activate as many of the features as we can.  This thread is dedicated to that process and will include several additional posts to track new features, showcase videos and bug tracking.  I will offer support while I can, but as this is a work in progress, it's still sort of rough.  This is not really intended for beginner admins until we really polish the system up, but it is not difficult to set up at all, and works out of the box.

All feedback and testers are welcome, but understand this is a labor of love.  We're all just trying to have fun so let's keep it positive.





Special thanks:  The following people have been instrumental in this process and I wanted to recognize them for their efforts:

Programming: @Horbin - The creator of FuMS

Testing and Support: @Brenner - Thanks for all the help supporting guys getting the system running.

Contributors: @red_ned @GolovaRaoul @=CF=Dragunov @HeadlessRocket @Mythbustar @Kimi_Hunter Thanks for allowing me to port over your missions.  This was critical in pinpointing issues and expanding the system to maximize your content.

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Here I will post videos of various features working, sample mission runs, etc.  If you have something cool to show off, please PM me and I'll add you to the library.

.50 (MissionFX Update) <=- Coming soon


.420 Missions Update (Blue pop-up is NOT in game)


Exile Toasts working


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As features are added to the main thread, I will list them here for easy reference.

Discord link to #wip -



Open the description.ext file and change:

showHUD[] = 


    true,   // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command)

    true,   // Vehicle + soldier info

    true,   // Vehicle radar 

    true,   // Vehicle compass

    true,   // Tank direction indicator

    false,  // Commanding menu    <=- CHANGE THIS TO TRUE!!!!!

    false,  // Group Bar

    true,   // HUD Weapon Cursors

    false   // Squad Radar


V0.420 (Missions Update)


- Added ability to import mission building info from ASL type missions (Old school missions that used Above Sea Level rules when exporting their data)
- Added "LOITER" AI logic to make AI stand guard in one spot until combat starts
- Added "TimerNoPlayers" trigger so that you can have a timer end a mission unless there are players withen 300 m
- Added ability to randomize loot drop locations by providing array in loot location
- Corrected issue where AI would start shooting at each other, especially crews and drivers
- Did some preliminary work on adding in Raptors and Destroyer static vehicle
- Added ability to add in more popcaps per mission loot box (default is 500 + up to 1000 more but you can specify random amount in loot file)
- Corrected issue when mission buildings are spawned in but didn't match terrain.  Now buildings will reset properly even on hillsides
- Corrected issue with mission buildings spawning in without simluation enabled.  They also cannot be destroyed
- Modified ZUPA code to use Exile Toasts to annouce status of mission capture points
- Corrected issue with Admin Menu that displayed error on menu
- Created mission template to fully document the mission system (WIP, this will be corrected soon)
- Ported over missions from these several great authors who were graciious enough to let me include in the base FuMS system
    - Abandoned Village         ([CiC]red_ned)
    - AI Island                    ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Bosmos                    ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Castle-183                ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Chelonisi                    ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Destroyer                 (=CF=Dragunov) (STILL WIP, DO NOT USE)
    - GraveRobbers                (Mythbuster)
    - Military Junkyard            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Kastro Castle                ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Kavala Hospital            (=CF=Dragunov)
    - KoreFactory                (=CF=Dragunov)
    - Labrinthe                    (Kimi_Hunters)
    - Marsh Battle                (Mythbuster)
    - Kill the Mayor            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Military Raid                (HeadlessRocket)
    - Open Harbor                (Mythbuster)
    - PowerPlant                (=CF=Dragunov)
    - Proteus                    (=CF=Dragunov)
    - Radioactive                (=CF=Dragunov)
    - Storage Invasion            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Bandit                ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Reserach Mission        ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Sniper Camp            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Pauls Bambi Slide            (GolovaRaoul)
    - ned Building Materials    ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Cash Bandits            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Drinks Transport        ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Guns Guns Guns        ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Medical Mission        ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Pauls Beert Transport     (GolovaRaoul)
    - Pauls IKEA loot            (GolovaRaoul)
    - ned Civilian Car            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Hatch Back            ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Huey                     ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Hunter                ([CiC]red_ned)
    - net Ifrit                    ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Offroad                ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Strider                ([CiC]red_ned)
    - ned Ural                    ([CiC]red_ned)
    - Paul Anti-Air                (GolovaRaoul)
    - Pauls Little Bird            (GolovaRaoul)
These missions help document the new features and options for mission spawning so pleaes look through them to see if answers your questions.


V0.41 (Bug squashin’)


- Repaired "Bodycount" trigger to function properly, now Convoy and TownInvasion missions complete properly

- Modified Convoy to spawn in Cities or Capitols as opposed to randomly, which ended up leaving trucks in the middle of forests on small or dense maps

- Modified convoy to use Cities as waypoints instead of villages which are often in densely forested areas

- Updated all mission themes to make them easier to read and customize

- Added announcements to missions spawned on players to give hints of trouble.

- Corrected spawn points of Roadblock_pato theme so AI doesn’t get stuck

- Minor adjustments to several default themes

- Disabled zombie missions on default load (still supported,  but not ON by default)

- Changed out road patrol vehicle to Exile Off-road ( not everyone uses UGVs but easy to add)

v0.4 (The ReLaunch)

NOTE TO ADMINS: Some changes to the Themes was neccesary to utilize the Exile Toast system. Previously the mission announcement had three lines, but the new system only has two, a title and a message body. This is the only change needed to update your missions to display properly using Exile Toasts. Please see updated Themes in the download to see what changes you need to make.

  • Added Exile Toasts and replaced current FuMS_Global Message system (code will be deprecated in next version and removed)
  • Updated AI difficulty engine to include setting the "general" setting which seemed to be preventing AI from doing anything at times
  • Updated AI difficulty settings to "MODERATE" level simliar to other AI systems (will be variable int the future)
  • Added poptabs to mission crates (Preset values of 500 + up to 1000 more per create, will be customizable in the future)
  • Added poptabs to soldiers (Preset value of up to 500 poptabs per soldier, will be customizable in the future)
  • Added Tanoa based versions of base locations for Roadblock Pato (Currently supports Altis and Tanoa)


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Here, I will track all bug reports as they come in as well as mark them when they are corrected


1. The system seems to slow down over time and become unresponsive.  This has not been fully tested since the 0.4 upgrade but I would like more test data from others to see if this is still the case Hopefully this has been addressed, please let me know

2. The fire and smoke animations seem to be very processor intensive and slow down the system when they are occurring. Hopefully this has been addressed, please let me know

3. Reports of carjacking civilians that spawn when you leave a vehicle for too long.  The model changes several times as the AI gets in and out.  This is always a civilian model doing it.

4. Heli patrols do not attack players on foot unless shot at first, and when they do, only one responds, the others are sitting ducks.

5. Zombies add on seems to be a factor in the slow down but that is still being investigated

6. Convoys have trouble with their routes.  Sometimes they work perfectly, other times they are stuck in forests.

7. AI tends to dogpile when spawning, which then takes them minutes to untangle themselves. Fixed, will be included in 0.41 release.

8. Vehicles will not always react to aggression I think this is an issue with Arma AI.  I am testing VCOM and I think that fills in the gaps very well.  A3XAI worked good too.  If anyone can help test, I'd appreciate it.  For now, AI will exit vehicle when disabled.  Maybe set your tires to be easy to destroy?

9. Some mission never end even if you kill everyone, and eventually you "lose" the mission

10. I need to figure out how to spawn raptors.  I tried Jurassic Arma but don't seem to be using the right classnames when trying to spawn.  If anyone has this mod working, please let me know.



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Upcoming Features or WIP

Here I will track work that is currently underway and it's progress.

Discord link to WIP page -



Server admins want vehicles as loot


Implemented a highly modified version of Apocs Airdrop script to drop off vehicles.  Works but I’m adding ability to use loot tables and system will pick random loot vehicles from groups.


More missions!


Recently implemented 40 missions, both dynamic and static for Altis

Adding in Tanoa missions now 4-27-19

Will be adding in Chernarus next



Fixing AI dogpile issue (COMPLETE: Will be in 0.41)


The issue is that the spawn points are all the same for all units, which is also generally where the main building is.  Each mission theme needs to be fine tuned for the following:

  • Offset the spawn locations of each group to a more reasonable location to start their AI Logic
  • For specialized AI logic (TowerGuard for example) the buildings should be specified to ensure the AI posts themselves properly


Work completed:

1. New spawn locations for Roadblock_Pato are being found for each of the three bases

2. Once this is complete, the theme will be updated

3. All themes will be reviewed and spawn offsets included

COMPLETE: All mission files updated with better spawn injection points and file format of missions files is much cleaner and easier to follow.  All Themes are being updated.



Vehicles don’t always respond to aggression


Will be experimenting with code to stop vehicle and dump vehicle crew at first sign of aggression.


Some missions never end, even if you kill everyone, and eventually you "lose" the mission (COMPLETE:  Will be in 0.41)


Found an error in the Bodycount trigger that is looking for a variable that never updates.  I'm reverse engineering the system now to figure out how this works.


Error has been corrected in base code and will be released in 0.41

Convoys have trouble with their routes.  Sometimes they work perfectly, other times they are stuck in forests. (COMPLETE:  Will be in 0.41)


Convoys were spawning randomly.  They now only spawn in Cities and Captials, and will only set other cities as their waypoints.

Speed has been increased to NORMAL.

Logic has been added to vehicles that allow it to stop and let the cargo out if combat breaks out

Issues have been corrected in base code and will be released in 0.41


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FuMS Roadmap

Here I will keep a running list of features I would like to implement

  • Additional AI logic to add more immersion, randonmess, and fun (different patrol patterns) Additional triggers and logic, please give me ideas for more
  • AI x BASE Communication system from original implementation
  • ZCP missions ZCP engine repaired
  • Additional mission types (base assaults, assassinations, demolitions) Significant new missions ported over
  • Centralized variable file for easier customization
  • Randomization of all variables (unit counts,  vehicle types, spawn locations) to improve immersion and replay ability) FuMS now allow for random loot drop locations, random vehicles spawned in missions
  • Tighter integration with Zombies and Raptor add ons
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2 hours ago, Sgt Smash said:


i have 2 qestions!

1. Is this like DMS, if not how does it differ?

2. Do you have to run zombies on your server for it to work?


It is a bit more advanced under the hood, and fully customizable, but in its current state is far from its full functionality.

It was ported from Epoch by @Horbin, more info here:

It can use Ryan's Z'n'D, but they can be also turned off.

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On ‎9‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 1:36 PM, Sgt Smash said:


i have 2 qestions!

1. Is this like DMS, if not how does it differ?

2. Do you have to run zombies on your server for it to work?


Thanks @Brenner.  To add on:


1. It’s a mission generator similar to DMS but with different capabilities. Without trying to put down DMS, which is a great tool, this is designed to offer a lot of flexability like adding in different types of AI behavior, incorporating other Addons like zombies and raptors , and having a very flexible base engine to build from.  It was ported a while back but needs some work as Arma has changed a lot.  


2. No, I am disabling zombies and raptors by default, but if you do have them you can easily enable them.  It does require a headless client though.  I’ve heard you can do it without,  it i’ve never seen it done.


I’m still working on the code but it’s functioning again.  I’m always looking for testers and feedback, but if you don’t want to read through the manuals or are new to servers, I wouldn’t recommend this.  Don’t get me wrong, out of the box it’s fun, but it’s really meant for advanced mission setup.  If you know what you’re doing you can do some cool stuff.

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I have a theory that each zombie generates a server thread, but it still needs testing. Disabled most of zombie missions, just few of them spawning, but with each zombie killed server thread count gets lower by 1. It does not happen with regular AI soldiers, or UGV's and choppers.

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