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Creig Willams

Need too know how to make mission files 2018


Hello it seems that there is no information and the information that is out of super out dated. I have been trying to make a mission file for Chernarus redux for over 2 weeks now. and i can't seem to figer it out. 

I want to make a exile server with no traders and no select spawn option. when you die you respawn on the coast just like in dayz. 

ill explain what i did and maybe someone can show me what i'm doing wrong or if someone can please provide updated information on how to make a mission file please help me


steps i took. 

1. loaded mods into arma 3 mod launcher. "Cup core, Cup maps, chernarus redux, exile, exile e3den editor" 

2. opened editor

3. i placed 60 (exile player slots) and 1 respawn point (from markers tab) 

4. changed all to playable

5. i linked the (exile player slots with the 1 spawn point) 

6 . right clicked (connect - set random start)

7. Set attributes in photo below

idk what the ffff to do, i tryed doing to all over just now and im so lost. help would be appropriated vary vary much thanks. just updated mission creation. step by step


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I recommend you take a premade mission pbo, and edit the mission.sqm to your needs. Here you can remove anything you dont want, like traders, and change around the positions of the existing spawn zones.

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I concur with @Jeffry.  This is the BEST option.  I will be honest with you though, it sounds like you're trying to change Exile into something that it is not.  I would also question if this is encroaching upon their copyrights as well by the changes you're trying to make.



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