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All map markers are showing to everyone


Hi, Can anyone help identify what the problem is here. 
We have blue map markers showing on the map where players are / were a few minutes ago, also there are green markers that show the players names as well as all the base markers on the map for everybody to see. The markers for yourself and others don't update, sometimes there are 2 or 3 markers for the same person on the map at the same time.

This first appeared after installing EXAD, UAV Hacker, Bounty script and Bury Corpse script. ( i know I shouldn't had done them all in one go but for me it was looking fine in the test server.

I then removed all the scripts, as there were complaints of massive FPS drops from the players so I thought it may have been EXAD then reports came in showing the map looked like below.


Does anyone know what may have caused all the markers to show?




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Hello @MrNeal,

Well ONE THING that can cause what you see is that you have this turned on via InfiSTAR if you have it installed.  It is turned on/off via the main menu!

Turn it off!  It will ONLY SHOW FOR YOU/OTHER ADMINS (maybe, depends on how IS is setup) - NOT for players.

If it is showing for all, then you will have to dig thru you code as you have 'turned on something' somewhere.

Also, NEVER EVER install multiple mods at one time!  NEVER!


Also ExAD does not cause 'lag' or the above issues.  Lag can be caused by MANY things such as a slow computer, slow internet, too many AI, too many missions, too many scripts running, not enough RAM, etc.

And if it was 'looking fine' for YOU, then it would for EVERYONE ELSE TOO!  Do you have some 'magical computer'?  NO!  The only people (in general) who MIGHT have an issue would be people with 'lower end' computers.

Also, there MAY HAVE BEEN an issue when you tested, but for example, it created 5 extra AI per player.  Well, with just YOU playing, there were only 5 AI.  Now, with 20 people playing, it now jumps to 100 extra AI!  Big difference now!


The ONLY thing in ExAD, and it depends on where you got it from, is some 'base guards' you can turn on.  Mine is turned OFF.


I think you need to examine what and HOW you installed things as well as checking InfiSTAR!  Also, NEVER EVER install multiple mods at one time, and ALWAYS read and FOLLOW any directions as well as reading any posts concerning said mod!






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