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Hello I just installed infistar on my server and I was setting up its filters. Battleeye already has a list of filters that I have been editing, for the mods I have installed.  Do I just overwrite my battleeye filters and only use Infistar's? Do I merge the Infistar filters into my Battleeye filters, so I have both? Do I go back through my mods and add Collective Uniqueness to the Infistar's Own?

I've read the instructions and all I have to work on is Infistar to put its filters in the Battleeye folder, which will overwrite everything.

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Each filter is for ONE SPECIFIC ITEM!  Now, if you current filter has the EXACT SAME ONE IN THE IS filter, yes, you can IGNORE DUPLICATES.

When IS says 'to overwrite', they are talking about a DEFAULT PLAIN-JANE installation of Exile.  Since you have already modified those filters for your existing mods, you must now MERGE the IS filters into the existing ones.

You will have to do this for ANY MOD too.

You NEVER 'delete'/'over write' your filters - ALWAYS MERGE!


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Thank you very much for your quick response. This was the best answer I have ever gotten from anyone on any forum.

Straight to the point. No needing to know what I was trying to do. No unnecessary questions.


Thank you for your help.

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