Storing Vehicles into VG from Traders

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Hello all,


So i was wondering if anyone has a system that allows players to store vehicles into their Virtual garage from a trader and then pull them from said trader? As players want to buy big planes however there isnt always a spot to land them at your base and store them.


*EDIT* Doesn't even have to be into the Virtual Garage it could be another type of storage system.


Thanks in Advance!

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Added some info xD

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14 hours ago, Jeffry said:

LoneVirtualGarage from @StokesMagee It is a paid script from: It is not publicly sold, so you donate $10 and just hop in discord: to receive the files from him.

Thanks for the reply! However i dont think his script will offer what im looking for. Ill speak to him on discord to find out more details tho.

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