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hey Bambi

i wanted to give me opinion and experience about a Arma 3 exile host i use called https://www.armahosts.com/index.html.

Customer service : Score 10/10

this is for me one of the most important thing a Provider needs to have,fast respond and actually having solutions is definitely a must  as a server owner which ArmaHost is very good at.i rented a server and requested over 15 mods with addons to be installed and were installed in one day ,i run my business so 14/7 so i was very happy with the efficiency of the staff,always with a professional respond even if you keep f*cking up (like me) .

Knowledge : Score 10/10

if you are a bambi trying to set up a server for your community or for fun this is definitely  the GSP for you,they have never failed to fix a problem or fix something that i broke,unlike most of the GSP out there and believe me i've tried them ALL and they Know WTF they are doing ,unlike all the other providers they only do the Arma Series which eliminates staff that only knows about Ark,or rust responding non-sense about arma 3 exile.

Performance : Score 8/10

no one is perfect and Armahosts does take a hit from my perfect score in Performance,if you run a server with a few mods and addons and a couple of missions you wont have a problem, but if you are like me that like to fill the server with as much mods,addons,custom base,missions,side missions,ect... you will notice the server load times reaching rarely but surely up to 10 minutes to be joinable and then wait another 5 minutes to join the server,it doesn't happen alot but it does happen which can sometimes have you checking log and reloading Arma game to try to get in,but is not all bad and you can live with it.

Overall Conclusion 

this is a Awesome GSP and you are considering getting a server in not just exile but the arma series i strongly recommend ArmaHost,they will set you up,fix your mistakes and with their 48h money back guarantee you can always get your money back if you dont think is for you,so you dont lose anything.



Disclaimer : i was not asked,encourage,or given anything to post a review about ArmaHost,im just a happy customer sharing my experience about ArmaHost to provide people with a reliable host so they dont waste time and money.



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I have to agree. Customer Service is top notch. I made a post about them before also.

I run alot of mods on my server and a.i.....ALOT and I range now from 45 (toward end of my 3 hour restart) to 46 server side frames per second.

Thats with 2 A.I helis, 1 boat 10 vehicles. nd max cap of 175 A.I. With about 5-7 players on.


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Armahosts is the best GSP honestly. Really nice staff great support!! Fast service. i have been with them for about a year and they upgraded my dedi for free. 

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