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Tobias Solem

Base mold

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So, one of the major reasons why people hate people raiding other peoples' bases is because it takes quite an effort and ingenuity to design and build a base. Other than actually gathering the resources. So my suggestion is based upon actually being able to save a base layout, or make a "mold" so to speak. So if someone goes ahead and destroys parts of your base there would still be a "template" stored in memory which you can use as a reference point for rebuilding.

How it would work is that as long as you keep feeding the game materials, it will place base parts in the missing spots. This way you don't actually have to spend a bunch of time placing that wall perfectly again for ten minutes, instead the template for your base is saved and can be restored.

This would also work for a base that gets despawned, removed by script kiddies, or accidental chopper landings, or whatnot.


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