Silent Centurions: 175 Members and looking for you!

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Who are the Silent Centurions?

The Silent Centurions are a new group of people from all nations and all walks of life.

We are more about friendship and building new relationships with new and interesting people, rather than competitive play. This is an organization that is geared to all types of players. From casual, to the not-so-casual.

We play over 30 games. (War Thunder, World of Warships, and ArmA 3 to name a few)

While this is a group geared to players of all types, nationalities, and backgrounds, we do still have some requirements.


• • Requirements • •


Be at least 16 years of age

Have a microphone (Recommended, not required)

Be willing to play and chat with fellow group members

Speak English (Bilingual or multilingual people welcome as well)

Must be a social person (Although if you're not, we'll try to get you out of that shell)


This is NOT a clan

When I say that this isn't a clan, I mean this is more of a group of people who like to talk and have fun. This is a group open to all players of all types and playstyles. So it is perfectly acceptable for you to belong to another group or organization.


However: We do have a squadron available to join, should you so choose


How to contact us

Either Message me on the forums if you're interested in joining. Or if you wish, just join our discord!

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/N5MfbJP


With people from all over the world, you'll always have someone to play with!

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