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Exile base building test scenario

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Hello community!

I'm looking for scenario in which i have just a crate with unlimited walls etc, building things from exile. I did a research and i really cant find any scenario where i can test base design. I'm total noob in editor and dont really wanna waste time learning everything to do just a simple scenario. Anyone have scenario like this or saw it on the workshop or anywhere on the web?


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Hello @Mr660,

If I am not mistaken, some, if not all,of the building scripts, REQUIRE the Exile server.

I do not think you can build in a 'test single player environment'.  I looked into this years ago and it would not work.  I do not think anything has changed.

Main thing is the flag pole can not be 'registered' with the database.


About all I can think of is you finding some admin somewhere who will allow you to 'test build' on their server.  That or you create your own Exile server, run that along with the client on the same computer.

Good luck!


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