Dedicated Server @home with Chenarus 2035

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Hey everyone,

I need some detailed assistance PLEASE "insert puppy dog eyes here".

I have a dedicated server at home running Exile with DMS on Altis for me and my son. I would like to change this to run on Chenarus 2035 with DMS and EBM. I've gone through all the posts I could find but I keep missing something in either the pbo creation or whatever but I just can't get it to work. I spent most of Saturday just trying to get EBM to work without luck.

is there anyone here that will be a good Samaritan and help me get this done. Either with a detailed guide (like the server setup guide) or with the files I just need to copy and paste with their locations?

I know this is probably a very big ask, but I would appreciate it greatly!

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complete guide is here:



all you need is mission .pbo for specific map, but you can probably find some here on forum and edit it to your liking, than use it with your existing server, or create a fresh one.

As for EBM, all you need to do is follow installing instructions, all apps needed you already have included in the guide above.

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