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[RELEASE] Assassination Mission

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Hi all,

Thought I might as well put this up so that others can use it. I take no credit as the original author, I just helped adapt it to work on Exile.

Assassination Mission

    Author: Fresqo
    Edits for Exile by Fresqo and ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ
       This script was originally written by Fresqo for a Roleplay server but has now been adapted work on Exile.
       It has been structured to work serverside with DMS however it could also be edited to work without it.
    Description: Assassination side mission
        Nikos spawns at one of the random start markers and walks to a random end marker.
        If anyone gets within a certain distance he goes into hiding.
        If he gets to his destination he goes into hiding and initiates the mission again.
        The aim is to snipe him, take his poptabs and item in his backpack and briefcase he drops and sell it.

    1. Download  and unpack.
    2. Navigate to and de-pbo your a3_dms.pbo found in @ExileServer\addons\
    3. Copy the Assassination folder into it.
    4. If you wish to configure any settings edit the fn_Assassin.sqf file in the folder and follow the instructions at the top.
    5. Add the following line to the bottom of your DMS_preinit.sqf file:
    // Initialize Assassination Mission
    [] execVM "\x\addons\DMS\Assassination\fn_initAssassin.sqf";

    6. Re-pbo your a3_dms.pbo

    7a. De-pbo your mission file found in mpmissions\  and open you mission.sqm in the editor. 

    7b. Create your start and finish markers: nikos_start_1, nikos_start_2, nikos_start_3, nikos_1, nikos_2, nikos_3.  Don't forget to make them invisible!

    7c. Save and re-pbo.
    8. Upload, start server and enjoy.
    NB: This script has developed some minor bugs since the last Exile update (1.0.4) and as a result, Nikos may tend to not drop the briefcase and the toast stating who killed him may not be displayed. 
    I've been trying my best to fix but no luck as of yet. 
    Apologies in advance. 
    - ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ


Edited by ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ
left out installation step
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Cant you just drop it in the bandit folder of DMS and have it called within the normal DMS system by listing it as a dynamic mission and giving it a spawn percentage chance?

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23 minutes ago, ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ said:

That’s what I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to fix (as mentioned above), which is why I added a backpack and loot in it as well

I like this mission. Thx for sharing.

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So I tried adding it to the bandit folder (for dynamic missions) so it could spawn the way DMS spawns all its other missions. it didn't work. It broke dms so bad the server wouldn't start. So back to the drawing board.


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