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Ahoj Exiles,

as the topic says there happend a strange behavior with the exile mod.
yesterday my character was saved in the DB with the uid from another player in the "player" table and the other player was gone.
(we have disconected from the game at the same minute.)

table `account`

('765************51', NULL, 'Mav****', 4818, 0, 24, 10000, '2018-11-08 19:42:51', '2018-11-19 21:13:51', '2018-11-20 01:01:48', 45),
('765************19', NULL, 'Edd***', 4621, 0, 12, 9994, '2018-11-08 21:26:21', '2018-11-19 21:09:27', '2018-11-20 01:01:11', 19),
('DMS_PersistentVehicle', NULL, 'DMS_PersistentVehicle', 0, 0, 0, 0, '2018-11-08 20:12:42', '2018-11-08 20:12:42', NULL, 1);

table `player`

(0, 'Mav****', '765************19', 350, 0, 67.262352, 91.952095, 0, 37, 0, 1, 0, '[["face_hub",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["arms",0],["hands",0],["legs",0],["body",0]]', 25.153753, 18622.505859, 14391.791992, 0.00157928, '2018-11-20 00:29:54', '["ItemMap","ItemCompass","Exile_Item_XM8","ItemRadio","ItemGPS","O_NVGoggles_urb_F","Rangefinder"]', 'B_Bergen_mcamo_F', '[]', '[]', '[]', '', 'G_Tactical_Black', '["muzzle_snds_L","","",""]', 'hgun_Rook40_F', 'H_HelmetSpecB_paint1', 'Rangefinder', '[["arifle_MXM_Black_F","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",13,"arifle_MXM_Black_F"],["hgun_Rook40_F","16Rnd_9x21_Mag",16,"hgun_Rook40_F"]]', 'arifle_MXM_Black_F', '["muzzle_snds_H_MG","","optic_Hamr_khk_F","bipod_01_F_snd"]', '', '["","","",""]', 'U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest', '[]', '[["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",29],["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer",30],["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer",30],["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer",30]]', '[]', 'V_PlateCarrier1_rgr', '[["optic_SOS",1]]', '[["Exile_Item_Noodles",1],["Exile_Item_ChocolateMilk",1],["Exile_Item_InstaDoc",1]]', '[]', '2018-11-20 01:01:48');

how could this happen?

all newest version from Github

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Ahoj Beowulfv,

thank you. that was my thought, too.

so now i'll export the DB all the time and edit/merge the tables to prevent losts.

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30 minutes ago, Maverik said:

export the DB all the time

This is something that a lot of veteran server admins do. Some have a backup every restart, that way if something does happen, they can re-upload the previous DB. Also it creates a paper trail so you can track possible dupers/hackers in the future.

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Hello @Maverik,

What @Beowulf has stated is true.  As how I would word it is like this:


Man is imperfect, as such, anything man makes shall be flawed in some fashion.  This shall always be the case.


I use a batch file that at every server boot, it will zip up the DB and store up to 30 days worth of DB's.  So in one 30 day period with my server restarting every 4 hours, I will have 180 zipped up DB backups.

So, to help and anyone else, below is a direct link to my DropBox where you can download EVERYTHING you need to do this via you server batch file.

YOU will have to read thru the batch file to change install paths, and DB log-on info.  ;)

Link: SQL BackUp.rar?dl=0   (This is an approx. 400KB zipped file)


This is a SOLUTION to your least with backing up.  BUT, it does not ANSWER WHY it happened though.  This batch file takes about 3-5 seconds to do this.  Time is dependent on the DB size and the computer that is doing the backup's speed.  NO, you do NOT have to have this running on the actual server!  It is ADVISED to do such as it makes EVERYTHING easier, but it is NOT REQUIRED!  ;)


I WILL tell you this though, I have been playing every ARMA 'product' ever since 'Day 1' with Operation Flash Point.  In 17 years and over 10k+ hours in ARMA 3 alone, and 3+ years with Exile (player/server owner/admin), I have NEVER heard of what you stated happening to ANYONE.  It is possible?  Of course!  But it is ALSO possible that you have some messed up files/configs somewhere too or even bad hardware.  This ALSO could be a some sort of new/modified CHEAT being used too.  There ARE posts about people asking about such, so it is not as 'far fetched' as you might think it is.  ;)

Here is a link to just one of these posts:

...Never underestimate your enemy...


HOWEVER, if it CONTINUES, you need to examine what I just stated in the above paragraph.  And as an schooled IT tech from a REAL school (not some crap school) with 35+ years of doing such as well as 45+ years of programming, I would be hard pressed to say WHERE to start to look.  If it is the SAME person with this error, I would probably suspect cheating.


As a QUICK test AND POSSIBLE FIX, I would take down the server, STOP the DB, and then run ChkDsk  from a 'DOS Window' using:

chkdsk c: /f /x  (Or whatever drive you have your DB/ARMA server on, you want to do BOTH.  In this example, BOTH on on Drive C:)

 /F              Fixes errors on the disk.

 /X              Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary.
                  All opened handles to the volume would then be invalid
                  (implies /F).

The above is for Windows 7.  Each version is pretty much the same.  You can do SOME of this via the graphical interface.

The above WILL require a reboot of the computer at which time the ChkDsk will be run BEFORE the 'desktop' comes up.  And it may take a good while too...30 minutes..1 all depends upon  the size of the HDD.  The bigger, the longer.


For help, see:  (This is for Win versions 7, 8. and 10)


One error that DOES happen is that the OS thinks spot 'a' is for 'b', but it SHOULD think spot 'a' is ONLY for 'a'.  This can be liken to you thinking your neighbors house is YOURS, but it is really not, but you go into their house and eat their food.  Whoops!  But the 'damage' is done.  A ChkDsk will VERIFY that 'everybody' is in their 'proper house'.  If not, 'evict' them (this means it will DELETE the bad data).  So MAKE A BACKUP OF THE DB AND YOUR ARMA FILES FIRST before running ChkDsk.


Good luck and enjoy the batch file!



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that's overwhelming thanks to you many times.

I can actually rule out hacking and wrong mod configuration. We're just playing in a two man group to get to know the mod. only password secured. Unfortunately, it is not a real own server with root access, only rented at nitrado, last week. So I can not run a batch.

I am also in OFP and have seen the splintering to OFP Dragon, Arma and then to Arma 2 and 3.
At OFP, I even wrote my first own script. Call a helicopter to pick you and your group and bring them to a specific location via radio.
last came from DayZ over Epoch to Exile.

20 years ago I started my official training with digital technology for network technology up to the MCP Enterprise Administrator and the LPIC-1, and then on the side a webmaster from pure HTML to current HTML5 + CSS3.

my first was the C64.

The DB is now restored to 99%
Thanks again I'll keep an eye on it.

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@Maverik -

If what you state is true, then I would suspect improper installation/configuration, though as @Beowulf has stated, it could be a network 'glitch', which I have never seen nor heard of in the past....but IS possible...

But, just based on what you stated, OFP did not 'splinter' into Dragon.  OFP was created by Bohemia and published by Code Masters.  When it came time for v2 of OFP, and I can not remember why, both of them had 'issues' with each other.  CM kept the name, thus 'OFP Dragon' and Bohemia keep the code, which was then called ARMA.  CM made 2 games for OFP and dragon was the best.  The 2nd one was more like an arcade game...pretty lame.  I had both, now I only have Dragon.

I started as a board level repair tech with a degree from DeVry Univ. in Digital.  Started programming on the Z80 CPU in the days of CP/M (late 70's, thus the name) as well as other assembly languages such as the 6510 (a modified 6502 for the C64) and the 68000 (Amiga 1000).  Also in MS-DOS batch files (which are STILL used even in Win10) and BASIC/Visual BASIC.

As far as not able to install a batch file, you CAN run this remotely.  But you will have to configure the batch for this.  BUT, it CAN be done.  The EASIEST way would be to map a drive to the server and then run the batch file from your PC.



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