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Ships in Traders


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Open your mission folder (ex: "Exile.Altis") and look for the "mission.sqm".

Go into your "*YourPC*\Users\*YourUserName*\Documents\Arma 3 - Other\Profiles\*YourProfileName*\missions" and create a Folder named "ExileMAP.Altis" (if you use the Altis Map).

Place inside the created folder the "mission.sqm" from your Exile mission folder.

Now start your Arma 3 with all the Mods you got on your Server and go in the Editor.

If you are inside the Editor just load your mission you took inside the folder before.

There you can now easily nearly build all what you want to. If you are finished just take the new "mission.sqm" back into your mission folder and repack it back to Server. :)

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