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Hey Bambi

Today i have a really cool base that i built in the NWAF on the redux map,it ended up being very cool so i wanted to share.

What is in this file.

this release is a F.O.B (forward operating base) that me and my friend built,because he is in the military he described how the base he would be staying would look like therefore making a similar base to the one he stayed on.

Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/15t9yauc743jpz7/RootsFOB.sqf

Installation(just in case you need it)

  • 1.Download the file
  • 2.got to MPmission.pbo 
  • 3.Unpack the mission PBO
  • 4.make a folder in your mission file and name it whatever you want(in my case ill name mine Custom_Maps)
  • 5.drag RootsFOB.sqf   file to the folder Custom_Maps folder
  • 6.go to your initserver.sqf and paste #include "Custom_MAP\Adminbase.sqf" in the last line
  • 7.save your initserver.sqf ,pack your MPmission.pbo and you are done


Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/ZICFUTn


RootKit69(aka Damian)





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