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Just a few questions....

1.  Does anyone know if the Exile Server Manager will cause the XM8 app not to work?

2. I am running extdb3 64 bit.  Do I need to be running the 64 bit xm8 dll?

I have setup the server and the broadcast works but I get no notifications on my phone.  I can see in the rpt file where it sends the notifications but my Server shows never transmitted in the XM8 server console.

I went to amibehindaproxy.com and it says I am not behind a proxy.  I checked my ip address in the IPv4 stack in adapter properties and is the same ip address as what shows up for my public ip address.

The address is  I noticed my default gateway is so I tried that as my proxy but it didn't work either.

Any other advice on how to trouble shoot this problem would be great.  ESM works like a champ so I cant imagine anything being blocked on the firewall but just in case, I set up an outbound rule to allow all outbound trafic for all protocols and ports.  Still no love.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

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ESM overrides the XM8 notification system and sends them to the bot. While running ESM, you (and your players) will only receive XM8 notifications on Discord from Exile Server Manager. By default, XM8 notifications are disabled for an individual player, but they can turn these by using the !notif command in a PM with the bot.

If you would like to use the XM8 notifications that come with Exile, you will need to delete the exile_server_xm8.pbo from @ESM mod. This will remove the overrides and any notifications will go through the other system. Keep in mind, you will not get XM8 notifications through ESM nor will you get the new notifications that ESM provides on your phone.

If you have any more questions or issues about ESM, join our Discord (https://www.esmbot.com/join) and we can help you there.


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