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MariaDB Vs MySQL

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Hello @vijaydeveloper,

I would say it would not be worth the time.  Yes, there are improvements BUT, for Exile, are they REAL improvements? 

For example:

MySQL:  Exile Action 5 secs

Maria:  Exile Action 1 sec

Yes, I would change.

But, with the very small usage with the DB, I do not think in the real world you will notice any change.  Yes, you may see .1 ms quicker response, but will anyone REALLY see and notice this?  Most likely not.  I mean, you are not doing thousands of transactions per second here...  ;)

And how to go from one to another?  Well, you should read the documentation from Maria on that.  I SUSPECT all you would have to do is to export the DB and then import that DB into Maria.

How do you set it up for Exile?  Beats me.  You are on your own on this one.  One thing to keep in mind, IF there are major changes, will any changes have to be made to scripts?  If so, this could be a MAJOR problem for you.


For ME, while the speed increase is there, I do not think the MINOR speed increase in Exile and the possible incompatibility, along with all the work to go from one to the other DB,  would be worth all the effort in the end.


That is MY OPINION...



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