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Add new options to InfiSTAR

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Hello @MechSlayer,

Though I am NOT the author nor related to InfiSTAR in ANY MANNER, InfiSTAR IS a script.  And ALL scripts can be modified.  Years ago, I did modify one of his scripts to suit what I wanted.  So you can too!

BUT, do NOT give it to ANYONE!  This could and would bring certain legal trouble upon you for copyright violations and no telling what else.

You REALLY should address this to IS and the reason why is, because what you want to add, maybe a lot of people would want it too.  For example, the way IS 'remembers' what your settings were when you were last on, was an idea that I passed to him a long time ago.  No, I am not saying that was 'my idea', for he may have been working on it already and/or others may have mentioned it too, BUT, this is WHY you mention these things to him.

Trust me, if you have 'thought of it', I bet you someone else has too!  ;)

Run it past him, for HE is the author and can answer ALL these questions properly.  If you bought it, you have access to his forums in which to ask such.




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I have to agree with Z80CPU. The best place to talk about alterations to infiSTAR is either on their forums or in their discord.

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