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New A3_DMS Static "Radioactive Sub Accident" (Defent's Mission System)

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"Radioactivity is optional..."

The idea here is a ground-mission on the shore, with a "contamination twist". Need to say more?

Read the install instructions in the readme file. Thx @Defent for the awesomeness! I began using some RedNed snippets here and there - thx RedNed! 

Download:  -  mission and download link tested Jan28th, 2019

- - - - 




Five steps for installing the Mission:

Add as a regular static mission:

Changes in a3_dms:

1 - Just drop proteus.sqf                 in a3_dms static missions folder:  \a3_dms\missions\static\

2 - Just drop proteus_objects.sqf   in a3_dms static objects folder:    \a3_dms\objects\static

3 - Edit \a3_dms\map_configs\altis_config.sqf and add "proteus" to the missions list and "proteus_objects" to its objects list.

4 - ENABLE the radioactive area in Exile.Altis mission pbo and set the POSITION for it:
In config.cpp inside Exile.Altis.pbo search and adjust: (this will set the place and size of the contaminated area)  



 class Radiation 
        enable = 1; // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled

        contaminatedZones[] = 
            //{{11766.6, 13333.7, 0}, 10, 25},    // Just the device is radioactive to ease things, or:    
            {{11766.6, 13333.7, 30}, 350, 400}    // Whole mission area is radioactive


5 - ADD the marker in mission.sqm inside Exile.Altis.pbo - note you must set your own Item number and total to this "class Markers" section:


        class Item11 // proteus device
            position[] = {11766.6,0,13333.7};
            name = "ContaminatedZoneICBMHit2";
            text = "";
            markerType = "ELLIPSE";
            type = "ExileContaminatedZone";
            colorName = "ColorBlack";
            fillName = "Border";
            a = 25;
            b = 25;
            drawBorder = 0;

 - - - -

Check if the number of items in "class Markers" is increased correctly otherwise the server won't start.
That's it!

Check some of my other static missions:


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Links for other static missions
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