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Logs broken (not logging trader items sold, deaths or territory)

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Most things I can fix myself but I have no idea in the slightest why all of my log files have remained empty for several months - it's like they just gave up out of nowhere.

Logging is enabled -

        traderLogging = 1;
        deathLogging = 1;
        territoryLogging = 1;


But never works



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Hello @Steelius,

Logged?  Logged IN WHAT???

You provided VERY LITTLE INFORMATION...this most likely why NO ONE HAS HELPED.  Come on now.  If you were a car mechanic and I brought you my car to fix and ALL I said was 'It will not work', how HELPFUL is that to YOU???  IT IS WORTHLESS!

YOU want FREE HELP???  How about providing FULL AND COMPLETE INFORMATION?  ;)  That is NOT asking too much...for in order to PROPERLY help you, we need FULL AND COMPLETE INFORMATION.  JUST like when you get a car fixed or when you go to a doctor.

Come on...THINK;)


You should also in the 'Spoiler' section, post the COMPLETE RPT file too.



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