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Change loot spawn rate

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So i got my server up and working, but I have a problem. When someone is looting, after they finish looting (5-10 mins), the loot respawns right behind them. How can I decrease the spawn rate? Or it's a bug?

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Hello @MechSlayer,

Without me looking at the exact files, I can say 100%, this is from one of three possibilities:

#1 - You Exile config files/mission is 'bad/improperly configured'.

#2 - You have an add-on script that is doing this/ or 'bad/improperly configured'.

#3 - Both #1 and #2.

I suspect it is #1.  In 'some' config file, there is a timer which you can set.  So, you set it to 5 minutes.  I come along and loot, then it will come back in 5 mins.  There is also setting for the 'Loot Zone'.  So let's say it is 100m.  So when I walk into a 'new' 100m 'zone', loot will spawn in that 100m zone ONLY.  Not some other zone that I am not even in, JUST THE ZONE I am in.  So if these values were set VERY LOW, what you see is probably what is going on.

Using a program or this FREE website HERE, compare the ORIGINAL Exile config files with YOUR CURRENT config files.  Notice I stated PLURAL.  If you messed up ONE FILE, it is now possible that some OTHER config file is messed up too.  Save yourself TIME AND TROUBLE and check ALL OF THEM.  For all of the 'loot' settings (such as respawn time, 'zones', etc.), the default are just fine.

Do note, I am going off of memory where these files are and what things are called.  So use common sense and be aware what I called something might not be the EXACT name you will see!  ;)




Do this and I think you will 'fix' your problem!



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