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Question about AI Gear, and Rewards

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I am trying to setup A3XAI, and VEMF to point towards files for gear outside of the config. I was able to get it to work easily enough in DMS and Occupation, but I 99% sure it has to do with how the function calls are setup. Example is 


    DMS_assault_helmets    =    [ #include "DMSGear\Helmets.hpp" ];

I am able to use the above for literally everything in DMS, from gear, rewards, and vehicles. Which I love, because it keeps the actual Config nice and neat, and when I just want to copy and paste stuff into the .hpp I don't have to worry about how it looks, just that it works. ( I do clean them up, just not until much later )

My issue is when I tried to do the same thing in A3XAI, or VeMF it was unable to call up the items. If I am not mistaken it has to do with their setup. Example would be the Default VEMF AI inventory for ApexBandits;



class aiInventory
                class ApexBandits
                        backpacks[] = {
                            "B_AssaultPack_blk", "B_AssaultPack_cbr", "B_AssaultPack_dgtl", "B_AssaultPack_rgr", "B_AssaultPack_ocamo", "B_AssaultPack_khk", "B_AssaultPack_mcamo", "B_AssaultPack_sgg", "B_AssaultPack_tna_F",
                            "B_FieldPack_blk", "B_FieldPack_cbr", "B_FieldPack_ghex_F", "B_FieldPack_ocamo", "B_FieldPack_khk", "B_FieldPack_oli", "B_Kitbag_cbr", "B_Kitbag_rgr", "B_Kitbag_mcamo", "B_Kitbag_sgg", "B_TacticalPack_blk",
                            "B_TacticalPack_rgr", "B_TacticalPack_ocamo", "B_TacticalPack_mcamo", "B_TacticalPack_oli"
                        faceWear[] = { "G_Balaclava_blk", "G_Balaclava_oli", "G_Bandanna_aviator", "G_Bandanna_beast", "G_Bandanna_blk", "G_Bandanna_khk", "G_Bandanna_oli", "G_Bandanna_shades", "G_Bandanna_tan" };
                        headGear[] = { "H_Bandanna_gry", "H_Bandanna_blu", "H_Bandanna_cbr", "H_Bandanna_khk_hs", "H_Bandanna_khk", "H_Bandanna_sgg", "H_Bandanna_sand", "H_Bandanna_camo", "H_Shemag_olive", "H_Shemag_olive_hs", "H_ShemagOpen_tan", "H_ShemagOpen_khk" };
                        launchers[] = { "launch_RPG7_F" };
                        rifles[] = { "arifle_AK12_F", "arifle_AKM_F", "arifle_AKS_F", "LMG_03_F" };
                        uniforms[] = { "U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_4_F", "U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_1_F", "U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_2_F", "U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_5_F", "U_I_C_Soldier_Bandit_3_F" };
                        vests[] = {
                            "V_Chestrig_blk", "V_Chestrig_rgr", "V_Chestrig_khk", "V_Chestrig_oli", "V_PlateCarrierIA1_dgtl", "V_HarnessOGL_brn", "V_HarnessOGL_ghex_F", "V_HarnessOGL_gry", "V_HarnessO_brn", "V_HarnessO_ghex_F", "V_HarnessO_gry", "V_Rangemaster_belt",
                            "V_BandollierB_blk", "V_BandollierB_cbr", "V_BandollierB_ghex_F", "V_BandollierB_rgr", "V_BandollierB_khk", "V_BandollierB_oli", "V_TacChestrig_cbr_F", "V_TacChestrig_grn_F", "V_TacChestrig_oli_F"

When swap them to be #include "VeMFGear\something.hpp", they either are naked, have outfit an no gun, or all seem to have the same uniform, same vest, and then the same M14 with ACO scope on ALL the AI for that town.

I don't have enough knowledge to even know where to start looking on the BI Wiki for a work around, all I can guesstimate is that because it's calling in a {class function } a basic #include like I used in DMS won't work. Really hoping someone would have some advice on where I would look, watch, or read for an idea on how to go about this. I don't mind the self learning, but I'm drawing a blank at where to even start. 

And before someone mentions it, yes I could just format and copy over the item names and everything. But all the Configs do them slightly differently. We don't want the AI packing anything that can't be bought at our vendors, and we've removed a fair bit. I find it more economical for myself to use the .hpp files as my holders of information because I can just copy over the lists from the Vendors to the file that I need. Since they have the same basic format. My roommate gets on these wild we should remove that, that, and that tangent, which I am cool with, but having to update all those configs and make sure that after I recopy and paste that they are nice a neat, drives me batty. 



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On ‎2‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 10:46 PM, Stiglove said:

#include "VEMFGear\Helmets.hpp"

try using just this in the VEMF config as it may need to call a file which has the correct formatting looking at how VEMF calls its custom config these days

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