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ok so ive had a server up for around 8 months i no all servers get that 1 group that thinks they own the server and start killing the server. ive had multiple groups like this and along the way a few ban hammers to get rid of some of the dicks on the way.

my server is now dead so i canceled it and bye bye server. i got a new one changed names so it was nothing to do with my old server even changed the map and ive noticed a few of the older players player on there once again they are unaware its my server but i cant help but feel here we go again but i dont really wanna keep banning people or giving myself a bad name.

what does everyone else do when seeing players leave due to other players?

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When I hosted servers we'd generally try a polite request to calm it down, then a firm reinforcement that their behaviour is driving players away, followed by a temporary or permanent ban depending how much they kicked off and started arguing or ignored our requests.

Don't get me wrong, PVP is PVP but when new players are getting destroyed daily by established players just for the lols, it's time to intervene.

With regards to the old bans and new, don't be afraid to carry over your ban list from the old server.

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