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[Release]DMS Static Mission Pack (Napf)

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Releasing this main DMS static mission pack for Napf (map specific)

11 Static DMS missions for Napf Map.

Features include:
a3_custom file loading of main mapping with full PBO and settings - allowing simple objects (better FPS) and enableSimulationGlobal for active lighting and doors etc
Mission start mapping of blockades etc
Fully randomised AI numbers, difficulty and reinforcements
Fully commented missions for ease of adjustment
Some paratroop reinforcements, support vehicles including air and land
Possible minefields per mission
Included server-side markers and mapping for bridges which can aid in missions.

Slightly smaller island missions with 1 crate and less AI
Camp Audacity Mission
Camp Bravery Mission
Camp Courage Mission
Camp Fortitude Mission

Larger castle/church missions with extra mapping on castles to fortify
Froburg Castle Mission
Homburg Castle Mission
Napf Castle Mission
Muttenz Church Mission

Larger island missions with 2 crates
Occupied Island Mission - with paratroopers and AI heli
Oil Island Mission - with bridge and markers
Stranded Bandits Mission


I am releasing it all as I am not sure how much longer I will keep my Napf server up due to player decline and may either give up or move onto another map.

The pack does consist of most of the best ways (I think) of doing things so server-side markers and bridges can help protect your work etc and using 2 ways of calling objects (server load, mission start) with simple and complex mapping to allow for minimal server stress (not every object needs to be interactive e.g. walls as it just adds load to server) and using everything I learned about mapping loading, DMS AI and mission randomisation.

These missions have been live on my server for a year or more so you can always pop over and see some of them.

Instructions and full images on GitHub so wont bother with most of those here.

Download: (Napf/Napf full mission pack)

Big up to @Pradatoru for load of mapping with me (especially those damn bridges!)

Hope you enjoy the missions









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